Who will be leading your company in 3 years’ time?

The future CEO of your company will be a millennial. Get ready to identify, train and retain the leaders of the future.


How millennials think

Millennials are not just a new generation of consumers. They are also a new generation of professionals. Freer, more open and more digital.

They don’t wait a week to see the latest episode of their favourite series. They watch it on Netflix whenever they want. They grew up with mobile phones in their hands. They are used to immediacy.

To them, there is no difference between the real world and the digital one. And there is no separation between their personal and work lives - they are simply two sides of the same coin.

Their timetables are blended. As employees, technology means that they must be available even in their free time. That is why they consider it fair for their company to take their personal needs into account during work time.

They are motivated by forming part of an open, principled company. They do not see work as simply a way to earn money, but as a way to change the world.

These professionals are the leaders of the future. And the future has already arrived. Companies who are able to take advantage of the potential of this new workforce will have a great competitive edge.

Is your company ready for this new style of leadership?

Adapt your company to the new generation

Surveys tell us that the vast majority of millennials do not see themselves working for the same company in 2021. That means that succession planning is at risk if you do not manage to increase loyalty among your talented professionals.

Since 2007, I have worked with companies from the Fortune 100. I help leaders from all over the world to figure out millennials and incorporate new ways of working in large companies.

Workers have changed. It’s time for your company to start changing too.

  • Use techniques that enable you to attract talent and retain it
  • Identify and resolve points of conflict between generations
  • Improve your work climate and reduce staff turnover
  • Ensure your succession planning
  • Pass the legacy of previous generations onto future CEOs
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“Dear Ana, I want to thank you once again for your leadership training. Thanks to the strategic approach, new employees can better understand the principles and values of our company. We have put the strengths of our team up on the wall in our office, and we plan to apply them every day.””

N.G. — COO of banking department (Russia)

"Ana enabled us to reflect, personally and as a group. We were motivated by the weekly meetings, with nothing driving us other than the positive effects the process was having. She gave each of us the chance to make our own decisions, sometimes pointing out our weaknesses. It was a time for analysis, fun, relaxation and profound learning.”

M.S. Mindfulness Group (Colombia)

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