About Ana Sarmiento

Specialist in work strategies for millennials. I link professionals with companies in order to minimise the suffering we create at work.


Why are you here?

You are here for one of two reasons: you are young and don't manage to connect to work or you are 40+ and are looking for ways to establish a connection with disengaged millennials.

The current business model was not designed for professionals like you. It was formed by companies that have yet to adapt to the new world we live in. They are rigid. Analogical. Following rules that belong in the past.

Today’s companies do not appeal to millennials - a new generation of professionals, destined to be the leaders of the future. They must integrate new ways of working.

I'm on a dual mission

Are you a talented professional? I can guide you in your development of a stimulating career, working for a company you can be proud of, or building your own business.

Are you head of a company and worrying about the future? Let’s work together to help you incorporate new work strategies and attract workers in line with your values.

My work history

Over the 20 years I have been working, I have lived in Europe, Asia and Latin America. This contact with different cultures has enabled me to incorporate both Eastern and Western tools into my daily work. My methodology includes finance theory, scientific studies, personal energy management, mindfulness, body language and eastern techniques.

Nowadays I travel all over the world, delivering workshops and advising companies from the Fortune 100 with leadership and engagement programmes. I have clients from the US, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Korea, India, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Russia, Spain, Chile, Colombia, Argentina, Peru, Mexico, Uruguay, Costa Rica and Venezuela.


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Professional profile

· Business Administrator with a Masters in Finance

· Certified Coach with over 2000 coaching hours

· Experience as a Chief Investment Officer


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My values

Work shouldn’t turn you into something you are not - it should be a way of contributing with the best of you.

I believe diversity enriches life and work.

We should learn to value the things that make us different, and make the most of our talents.

We should all aspire to work in a job that helps us develop as people.

We should all aspire to work in a job that helps us develop as people.

We should build the future while respecting work done by people who were here before us.

Today’s professionals are not content to simply do their jobs. They aspire to change the world - or at least, to make it a more interesting place.